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Storak Digital is one of the top video post-production firms

providing high-quality professional editing services that are tailored to your company’s needs. If you have video or clips that need to be edited to your liking, such as adding information, overlaying, impacts, animations, sound effects, logos, intros, and so on, Motion Edits is the firm to call. We have a specific video editing team, with each team specializing in a specific area. Get bespoke films produced to reflect your company’s vision and style.


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We’ve edited videos for a variety of sectors, including YouTube content for channels and businesses, educational, entertainment, online shopping, e-commerce, real estate, production businesses, financing, technology, infrastructure, healthcare, and food. We have delivered modest and difficult video editing projects internationally for over a period of multi-industry and multimedia experience. Motion edits specializes in providing video post-production services to businesses, videographers, cinematographers, and individuals worldwide. Furthermore, we are helping digital marketing firms with social media advertisements and videos. We have worked on video post-production projects with production companies in the USA, UK, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and the Gulf States.

What we Offer

Brand And Cooperate Videos

Storak DIgital is a one-stop video post-production firm that assists industries with many marketing campaigns, that match your brand approach, Whether it’s a product line, a sales pitch video, a demo video, a “did you know” video, a seminar, or a conference. You can trust us.

Video Color Grading Services

Get expert color grading and color correction for all sorts of movies. With creative corrections, our professional team of color graders helps filmmakers convert their raw material into cinematic-grade movies.

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Education & Training Video Editing

For specialized academic video services, Digital Mount Company is at the top of the list. Whether it’s a vocational e-learning lesson, online courses given by schools, universities, and colleges, or a business HR department searching for staff training films.

Youtube & Vlogs Editing

Get monthly subscription assistance for editing any YouTube channel videos, intros, and outros according to your deadlines and milestones. Our YouTube editors will assist you with a speedy turnaround, editing according to your aesthetic and audience.

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Product Demo Video Editing Services

One of the most effective sales tools provided by Digital Mount Company is video demonstrations of your product’s characteristics. Allow us to assist you as virtual video editors, providing interesting “How To” films, explanatory promo videos, and other services.

Social Media Ad Videos

Get the most out of your marketing spend. In your digital marketing services need assistance with video marketing across all platforms, such as Facebook ads, Instagram stories, IGTV, and others? Our social media video editors can handle your online ad campaign.

Documentary Film Editing

We have done anything from documentary-style editing to short and extended Conversational, Testimonials, Biographies, and more.

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