Google Analytics Services

Let us help you to accurately track your Digital Marketing Campaign with Google Analytical Services

Are you struggling to track the online performance of your website or digital marketing campaign? Storak Digital Google Marketing Services will help you to make accurate sense of your online performance metrics and track the data. We help you to get an insight into meaningful conclusions from the data and use them to run a successful digital Marketing Campaign.

Our Google Analytics Services

Google Analytics Set-up

Our Google Analytics experts and specialists create Google Analytics account for your website. We study and review your business goals and targets and make a sure account is meeting all the necessary campaign objective. To make sure the accuracy of collected data, we conduct regular tests.

Google Analytics Audit

If you already have developed a Google Analytics account for your website, our professionals review the account to make sure the account is free from any faults such as inaccurate set-ups, unnecessary filters, false content writing, broken lines, etc. We direct the necessary changes your account need so that you can have a streamlined approach to collect accurate data on Google Analytics.

Google Analytics Consulting

For the businesses who have highly optimized Google Analytics account but don’t know how to manage such huge data, we also help them by providing our Google Analytics Consulting services. We provide guidance to your in-house marketing and analytics team on how to tackle collected data and use it in strategic decision-making.

Google Analytics Reporting

Consult a Google Analytics services company if you don’t know and are confused about how to use collected data to boost the efficacy of your Digital Marketing campaign. Our expert professionals will design the complete report including all the critical metrics that can affect your business market value and help in the decision-making process.

Enhanced Ecommerce Reports

Enhanced Ecommerce reports give you in-depth insight into consumer behavior. It assists you in collecting data about every action that a consumer takes that forces him to the point of purchase. Google Ecommerce Reports are very beneficial for online business.

Google Analytics Support

Regular up-gradation and maintenance of the Google Analytics account are crucial to make sure you are collecting the right and upgraded data. Our experts provide ongoing support to your in-house marketing team to make sure your data is accurate and help in data-driven decisions. To improve the quality of your data, we assist you in setting new features and enhancements from time to time.

Our Approach

Strategy Formulation

Based on your business needs and demands, we create a comprehensive strategy draft and discuss all details of it with you. We move forward to optimize your Google Analytics account (If you already have one) or set up a new account for you with perfect KPIs and other factors.

Ongoing monitoring and optimization

Our certified experts regularly monitor and upgrade your account and optimize your website to make sure that all the codes are at the right place, develop dynamic pages and frames to make sure that you are gathering all the relevant data.

Review and Audit

Our dedicated team of Google analytics performs comprehensive and detailed research of your website and account. Then by keeping in view the details of your website report, we detect the problematic areas inferring with your data collection. To improve the clarity and accuracy of data from Google Analytics we create a roadmap for you.

Why choose us?

  • Create customized content
  • Increased conversion rate
  • Stay ahead of the competition
  • Improve your knowledge of Google Analytics
  • Connect your social strategy to business goals and targets
  • Identify potential users and target them
  • Measure the ROI of various campaigns