Email Marketing Services

Storak Digital is one of the leading and best email marketing company which offers incredible email marketing services to boost your product and sales.

At Storak Digital, our expert team has comprehensive knowledge and techniques to generate email marketing campaigns which in return boost your business marketing value and sale.

Why Storak Digital is the Best Email Marketing Company?

We have experienced, qualified, and innovative email marketers. Our Email Marketing team boosts your business revenue within your budget in the most effective way. We improve your brand recognition, online brand visibility, and loyalty and increase the conversion rate of your business. We work with different clients and create a process that works according to your budget and given timeline. The purpose of email marketing is to improve your prospects from lower to a higher level and we make sure to boost your sale cycle. Our successfully developed newsletter stays the top of mind and effective emails encourage people to purchase your product and services.

Email Marketing Techniques and Strategies

Our professional and expert team generates effective email marketing techniques to boost your business revenue. We introduce the main objective of your business to reach your targeted audience. Our email marketing team develops a content strategy to convey your company’s actual message and how we will speed up your sales.

Email Marketing Advertising Campaigns

One of the most constructive ways to improve your email list is to advertise your lead magnets. Moreover, you can utilize our social media marketing or search engine marketing services to do it as well. To generate more leads, we advertise your lead magnets on social media and search engines.

Email List Maintenance

We keep check and balance on your contact’s engagement on regular basis. We make sure that you have an authentic and engaged email list to attract your audience's attention and do routine list maintenance. Furthermore, we mitigate unengaged subscribers from your email list to avoid a negative impact on your email conveyance.

Email Newsletter

Our dedicated team of email marketing designs impressive email newsletters that highlight your business's main idea and mission. Furthermore, the emails we build consist of special content such as case studies, upcoming events, relevant blogs, and many more.

Email Marketing Reporting

To break down your market evaluation, we deliver reports each month. The objectives we mainly focus on are click-through rates, subscribers, open rates, and conversions. We completely review reports, analyze and strategize to bring better results every month.

Email Marketing Essential Features

  • HTML Response Layout
  • Message Automation
  • Advanced List Maintenance
  • Visual Editor
  • Auto-responders
  • Cam-scam
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • Contact Segmentation
  • CRM Integration
  • Delivery Help