E-commerce PPC Management Services

There are 50% more chances of PPC visitors to buy a product than organic visitors

E-commerce PPC

The online shopping trend is increasing and your pay-per-click (PPC) ads increase your product's online visibility and chances to get purchased. With the help of E-commerce PPC services, your E-commerce store can use Google to boost site traffic and sale. When you run an E-commerce business, the chances of its success mostly rely on performing a PPC campaign. We are an E-commerce focused company and manage an E-commerce PPC campaign on Google, Bing, and other outlets. Our main focus is on optimizing paid search campaigns for E-commerce websites.

Why choose Storak Digital over others?

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Our E-commerce PPC Services

Keyword Research and Strategy

We do comprehensive research to find the targeted customers' frequently used search words and then invest in Google Keyword Planner and other searching tools because these resources enable us to establish your authority around top-performing niche keywords and search terms.

Competitor Campaign Analysis

It's important to keep an eye on competitors' work so that you can establish more strong and reliable strategies. Find out how they are configuring their E-commerce PPC campaigns. We share insights into competitor campaign analysis with you.

E-commerce SEO

To get a high position in both organic and paid search results, we operate extraordinary E-commerce PPC practices along with E-commerce SEO. Our E-commerce PPC specials perform competitor analysis and get an insight of peak time necessary for targeted search word for maximum results.

Campaign And Ad Copy Creation

Our dedicated and experienced team writes captivating and engaging ads that drive qualified clicks. We also create efficient landing pages to turn visitors into potential buyers.

Landing Page Development

We develop landing pages according to customer search interests which in return boost your sale. for each of your ad groups, we create separate and unique landing pages to increase conversions.

E-commerce PPC Management

You only need an accurate and reliable E-commerce PPC strategy to gain a competitive edge. Collaborate with Storak Digital and we will help you to get desired results.

Reporting And Monthly Meeting

We deliver monthly reports and communicate with your team to get an insight into your targeted goals and needs. You can also contact us to ask questions and review updates.

Our E-commerce PPC Management Campaign Approach

Campaign Review and Implementation

If you come to Storak Digital with a well-established paid search account, we make a comprehensive report on campaign performance by completely analyzing the current campaign. Then we will give you the next action plan to boost your sales.

CRO And Tracking

We double-check and fix any issues that can decrease your conversions and sales because sometimes PPC campaigns are not reviewed correctly and can cause significant problems.

Remarketing Ads

To bring back the potential consumers to complete the purchase process, we develop remarketing ads and manage them on monthly basis.

Monthly Maintenance

We continuously monitor the performance of your account and at the end of the month gives you a complete report. And provides you next course of action meanwhile you can ask any queries and questions you have.