Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Let us help you convert visitors into potential customers

Conversion rate optimization, also known as Conversion Optimization is the process of boosting the effectiveness of your website by converting the visitors into buyers. CRO services from well-known agency enhance the organic traffic of your website visitors who accomplish a desired goal such as filling of forms, purchasing products, or e-book downloading.

Invest your conversion marketing needs in the hands of an experienced and capable CRO agency and boost your business sale and worth.

A trustworthy and reputable CRO company brings several benefits to your website. A reliable CRO company along with remarkable marketing strategies precisely tailored to your business requirement can take your business to the next level of success. If you are facing a problem in turning traffic into leads, our expert conversion optimizers at CRO Company will evaluate your business sale and user experience and will help to eliminate the problem-causing factors that might stop the traffic to your website.

Storak Digital CRO Services

Regardless of whether you've spent cash on SEO or pay-per-click, conversion optimization services from an outcomes-driven CRO office can drastically improve the profit from your other advertising speculations. The correct CRO promoting strategy can build your income even with a similar number of site visitors. Conversion optimization is an integral asset that enhances your marketing struggles and works side-by-side with SEO to expand your organic traffic.

Moreover, our CRO agency offers services:

Manually performed In-depth reviews by our website conversion experts

Comprehensive conversion marketing research, covering each stage of your sales funnel, including:

  • Examining search query intent
  • Landing page content and layout
  • Establishing a strong value proposition
  • A compelling call-to-action
  • An intuitive and user-friendly checkout/contact process

Data-driven guidance to boost your conversion rate level

A/B testing at several stages

In-depth Google audit, which in turn increases the traffic of your website and isolates the drop-off points.

Why you should choose Storak Digital as your CRO Company?

If you are looking for a trustworthy and experienced CRO agency for your website, Storak Digital stands head and shoulders above the next CRO Company through:

Customized Conversion Rate Services

The effectiveness of CRO strategies are proven. Our experts ask and understand your website requirements and needs and provide services suitable for your website demand and seek to resolve the problems your site is facing. We regularly review your website and look for conversion marketing challenges that may never happen to you.

Actual feedback from a real expert

There are various conversion optimizer tools available that perform an automatic audit and look for conversion rate marketing challenges. Some are good enough but the worst thing about these automatic audits is that they don’t tell you whether the image or heading is conveying the right message what your website is supposed to want and it can turn off your potential customers. Only a trusted and hardworking CRO company can provide you manual audit. Well-rounded approach and strategies: Storak is a well-known and leading CRO agency proving conversion rate optimization and other digital marketing services. We are a well-rounded CRO company and it shows! If your website is struggling with organic traffic and you are losing business with each passing day, invest in our CRO agency and you won’t have to struggle anymore with your website reach and business success.

Why it is important?

Conversion rate optimization is important because it helps to increase revenue per click and involve in your business growth. It gives you lots of information like how many visitors are visiting your websites and what kind of actions they are taking on your website etc. so you can have an idea of the changes you need to make in order to expand your business. Conversion rate optimization plays a huge role in increasing online business competition. As we know that there is huge traffic of digital businesses and therefore it is necessary to convert the visitors of the website into customers and it can only be possible if our website is more accessible and approachable to the visitors.

You can improve your website traffic with different techniques like SEO but it’s a bit time-consuming process. But if you want immediate results CRO is the best practice. After changing the CRO of your website you will see quick results of increasing website purchase. But there is always room for improvement and you need to keep a check on it.

It’s very important to understand and have an idea of your customer’s demand. When you are able to identify what your customer is looking for, the CRO will guide you to develop strategies to improve the stock which is important to your customer and automatically drives the customer’s attention to your website. By improving your conversion rate optimization, you can simply double your profit. Even a slight change in CRO can lead to a huge amount of profit. It aids in lowering customer acquisition costs. When you optimize your website, it results in improving traffic coming from other sources and results in saving money because your focus is on improving CRO and as a result visitors are continuously converting into customers.

Optimizing conversion rates not only build-up your digital presence on your website but on the whole web.

Key elements for conversion rate optimization

Conversion rate optimization involves several steps for its completion. A well-established optimization campaign involves comprehensive analysis, different tests, unique content, and a conclusion. Essential elements of CRO are:

Landing page

You want to increase the conversion rate of your website and increase the traffic but have you ever focused on the landing page of your website? Is it give the best experience to your users? Is it eye-capturing? Is it can attract users? The landing page allows you to collect the visitor information visiting your site with the help of a conversion form. A well-designed landing page will help you in:

  • Making lead generation more effective
  • Gathering information about your site visitors
  • Telling which customers are more involved
  • Providing a home environment for your business marketing

Landing pages are established for visitors to take any action to increase conversion rates.

Call-To-Action (CAT)

CTA is another significant feature of the CRO campaign. It’s an invitation to potential visitors for the desired action to perform. It could be anything like an image, some kind of text, a line, etc. From signing up an email to make a purchase, it could be anything. Some of the most appealing CTAs are:

  • “Read more”
  • “Try it now”
  • “Add to cart”
  • “Buy it now”

A small crispier addition in CTAs will result in the huge success of your business.

Website copy

Though images and designs attract visitors, they don’t actually trigger the visitors to take action. Words have more power to motivate wait for the visitors for the desired action. If you are creating relevant and useful content that highlights your services and product’s effectiveness, there are more chances that visitors perform desired action on your website. If you are making extraordinary efforts to enhance the effectiveness of your website copy, it will give you the following benefits:

  • Allow you to present your offer in a very compelling way
  • Enables the visitors to perform an action
  • Keep your visitors busy until you manage to present your sales message
  • Attract competent traffic to your website

On the other hand, poor web copying will cause difficulty and inhibit your chances of lead conversions. Effective copywriting is required if you want your audience to sign up for something, download an app, create an account and you can’t ignore this feature.

Page loading speed

In a digital world, an increased bounced rate seems to be very difficult to achieve. The bounce rate is the percentage of visitors, visiting your site, but then move immediately to the other before performing any action on the site. One of the main reasons for this the low page speed. Because everyone is in a hurry and wants to do things quickly and if your website will not assist them they will move to other sites. If you want to increase the conversion rate of your websites, make your web pages load faster. Page loading speed is a very significant factor of increased conversion rates and crucial in determining the success of your business as it directly influences the user’s experience. Increased page loading speed is inversely proportional to bounce rate. According to Google, 50% of phone user leaves the site if it is taking more than 3 seconds to load a page. Keep in mind, if your visitors are leaving the site because of poor experience, next time they will skip your site even without thinking.

Site structure and navigation

A well-designed layout plays important role in increasing the conversion rate of the website. If your website is confusing and not giving the right directions to the visitors, it will offend the visitors and decrease the rating of your website. According to a survey, 38 % of the users will stop contacting a website having poor layout or content. That’s why having a well-established structure and content is very important and appealing to the visitors. Structure the website in such a way that it results in a good user experience and this can be achieved through navigation ease. Having a properly structured website not only will increase the conversion rates but also improve your credibility.


Forms are available in different types and important for your business especially, if they are on part of their sale. They are considered customer touchpoints and you can increase conversions by optimizing them. There are many different styles and structures are available to develop a form, but keep one thing in consideration that all forms may not be suitable for all the business. Some require comprehensive forms while others can go best with minimal forms. It’s up to you what type of form you want to create according to your business demands.

A/B testing

To enhance the conversion rates, you can’t always go by guesswork because it’s not only time-consuming but also does not give you the exact idea of your business progress. The best way is the A/B test. It shows two versions of your website to a different audience at the same time. At the end of this process, you will come to know which one is more valuable and derive more conversions. A/B test will allow you to select words, pictures, phrases, videos, and other elements which are useful for your site. Even a minor change can cause a huge difference. A/B testing is also beneficial in increasing conversion rates and decreases bounce rates.